Desktop Publishing and Document Design

We offer desktop publishing and document design services, and can create a range of different types of documents, including newsletters, advertising and other promotional materials.

As well as desktop publishing, we can offer a complete document design service, from the initial technical writing or copyediting to designing and building a finished document and then proofreading the text. We can also create artwork and illustrations and prepare photographs for your documents.

Desktop Publishing and Document Design examples
Desktop Publishing and Document Design examples
  • Create new designs from supplied text, pictures and artwork.
  • We can take your design ideas or sketches and re-create them in the appropriate software ready for print, web or email.
  • We can work to an existing design style guide.
  • Creation of artwork and illustrations.
  • Photo editing and enhancement.

Documents can be designed for print, and can be supplied as Adobe Acrobat PDF files for email distribution or web sites, or in other formats (such as files for ePublishing).

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Other Document Design Services

Photos and Images for Your Documents

We can enhance and edit your photographs and images, and save them in the correct size and format for your print, web or other projects.

Graphic Design and Artwork for your documents

We can create graphics, illustrations and artwork ready for print, web or other projects.

Documentation Services

As well as document design, we can offer a range of document services, including technical writing, copyediting, and proofreading.

Desktop Publishing and Document Design

The Document Creation Process (for Print or PDF)

From text writing to completed document.

This is a typical workflow. Some or all of these steps may be involved, depending on your requirements.

  • Discuss the client’s requirements, including type of document, type of content, design style, colour scheme, etc.
  • Receive text, images, artwork, and an outline of the document design requirements from the client.
  • Proofread or edit the text, or write text content for technical documents (such as manuals) if required. Send to the client for approval.
  • Prepare any photographs or graphics (including scanning, colour adjustment, photo editing, resizing, etc.).
  • Create any illustrations, diagrams, charts, or other artwork for the document.
  • Begin the document design, incorporating text, images and graphics to create the finished document.
  • Proofread the text again.
  • Show the finished document to the client (with a larger document we would probably also meet to discuss the work part way through the design process).
  • Make any required changes or additions to the document.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss any projects you may have.

Design Software Training

If you would like to be able to do more of your own design work, we can arrange training in professional desktop publishing and design software.
Please visit Design Training for more information.